By Candlelight

When we lived in Cameroon our electricity would shut off randomly – sometimes for a short amount of time and other times for 24+ hours.  We always kept candles, matches and flashlights stationed throughout the house.  When the electricity would go off, we would usually play Would You Rather or Apples to Apples.  Both don’t require much light in order to play the game.

Last night Joshua said he missed playing Apples to Apples.  It feels weird to play the game with lights on, so we decided to play it Cameroonian-style, in the dark.  We turned off our lights, lit a candle and played the game.  It was nice that after the game, we could flip the switch and the lights were back on – not the case while living in Cameroon.

playing in the dark

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3 Responses to By Candlelight

  1. Pop-pop says:

    How cool to remember in a positive way something that was such an obstacle. And I am sure when you blew out the candle you thanked the Lord that yhou could turn the lights on without missing a beat.

  2. Tracy Pickett says:

    You all are wonderful parents in this transition!!! >

  3. MawMaw says:

    It’s wonderful the boys have positive memories from a time when their living conditions were rougher than most Americans would be willing to try to live through. I love the boys’ funny stories and sharing of special remembrances from their time in Cameroon with sincere warmth about their home, friends, food, Sophie and pets while there.

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