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The Next Day

I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful all the political advertisements are over.  No wonder people get tired of hearing the ad’s because the political talk for this race started 600 days ago. One summer, when we were living … Continue reading

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As I was shoveling snow and trying to chip at the underlying ice, I came across some footprints left in the snow by a bird.  I like seeing undisturbed tracks like the birds or like our cat’s pawprints in the … Continue reading

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When the boys were smaller they were fans of the movie The Incredibles.  They used to give each person in our family a super power and like to pretend they/we had those powers.  In 2006 at a small group Halloween … Continue reading

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Nut Kernel

While we were on the road, we had many stops at rest areas.  I’m so thankful for the rest areas along the interstate, especially the welcome centers.  While we were at a rest area in Ohio, we saw a sign … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead

Our previous blog was about the things I’m nervous about, however, today’s is about the things I’m looking forward to. 1. I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends and hugging them! 2. I’m looking forward to knowing what’s going … Continue reading

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Returning to the USA

Our emotions are all over the map anticipating our return to the USA. We are excited and nervous at the same time. You may be asking yourself as you read this, “Why are we nervous?” and I’ll share why. 1. … Continue reading

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Where is home?

The first question Joshua was asked upon arriving to the USA by the US Customs official was, “Where is your home young man?” Joshua just kind of gave him a blank stare like, I really don’t know. I quickly explained … Continue reading

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