Crazy Ants

We thought the ant population was dwindling in our home until we returned from church. We don’t leave unwashed dishes lying around because swarms of ants arrive, so we were surprised to see the ant invasion on plain tile. We watched them for a bit and realized the ants with bigger thoraxes were fighting the smaller ants and even pushing the smaller ants off the side of the tile to the ground. We put out more poison both the protein lovers poison and the sugar lovers poison to kill whatever type they were.

My Mom is a West Side Story fan. She took us to productions of West Side Story growing up and I couldn’t help but think of songs from West Side Story watching these rival ant gangs fighting (petit ants vs. grande thorax ants).

To the tune of Jet Song:

When you’re an ant,
you’re an ant all the way
from your first big load lift
to your last dyin’ day.

When you’re an ant,
let the big thorax ants do what they can,
you got hundreds of ants ‘round
you’re a colony man!

When you’re an ant,
in the Anderson home
we’ll put out poison for them
we want them to die as they roam.

ant fighting

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6 Responses to Crazy Ants

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Different ant poisons-sugar lovers or meat lovers? Now I’ve heard it all.

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks! Now I’ll have the “Jets” tune banging around in my head all day.
    On a different note (no pun intended), have you ever tried Borax to get rid of the troops of ants?
    You could then hum along to the “Pink Panther” theme..Dead ants..Dead ants.Dead ants..Dead ants..Dead ants..Dead ants..Dead an-n-n-nts!

    • David says:

      Barbara, we use Borax. There are different solutions, one is Borax with sugar water for ants that go after water or syrupy things. The other solution is Borax, sugar and peanut butter for ants that go after more protein type food items like animals food, food left on plates, etc… That’s what we use to kill them. It works, but in cycles. The now ants eat it, travel with it, etc… and we won’t see ants for about a week and then there is a whole colony that appears (we’re thinking the newborn ants) and the cycle starts over, but this cycle has been going on for months.

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