Pretty as a market plum

DeAnna shared that plums here are nothing like what we were used to in the US. We tried them once and haven’t purchased them again. I can attest that they are shining on the outside and taste like no other fruit on the inside, I’m not a fan of bitter fruit. When Keith Patman was checking 1 Peter 3:3 he found “plum” right in the middle and I can understand why he was surprised but they choose the right word for anyone who has ever eaten a Cameroonian “plum”.

Bob Creson

Gunu Parables Photo Courtesy Bob Creson, Nugunu Visit, January 2012

Wycliffe translation consultant, Keith Patman, had not expected to see the word for “plum” right in the middle of 1 Peter 3:3, but there it was! The back translation into English read, “Wives, don’t try to be pretty like a market plum, by braiding your hair and putting on gold jewelry and beautiful clothes.”

Concerned for clear, natural and accurate translation, Keith asked the Gunu translation team, “Why did you use that?”

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