Marching Ants

I (DeAnna) remember the many cumulative hours of watching Dora the Explorer when the boys were young.  I also remember a specific episode with a song about the marching, marching, marching, marching ants.  It was sung like ants going into battle.

We have been amazed at the ants here since the day we arrived.  We were forewarned not to leave any dirty dishes on the counter and to wipe away any crumbs.  It’s amazing how fast they appear from out of nowhere.  Really, where do they hide?  How do they know?

Jonah was finished with his breakfast and placed the container on the counter next to the sink.  I finished my breakfast and headed to the kitchen, less than 30 minutes later.  I saw his container swarming with ants.  I immediately thought to myself the Dora marching ants song and wondered if these ants were singing it in French, English or Ewondo as they marched to cover this container.

Just in case you are wondering, we do use ant killer to try and get rid of the ants – that’s the photo with the bottle caps.  We place the poison in the bottle caps.

IMG_2214 IMG_2215

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6 Responses to Marching Ants

  1. RA says:

    Funny you should write about the ants! I chuckled to myself recently when I realised that I was missing the voracious ants of Cameroon.
    It was late but I was tidying the kitchen. As I went to tip the small compost caddy into the large compost caddy just outside the back door, the detachable lid came off spilling a small quantity of veg and leftover rainbow trout, a overripe pear and other food bits onto the doorstep and patio. Eeeew! Ug!
    Where, I thought, are those speedily food-devouring ants from Cameroon when I need them?
    Not sure why I thought that! My thought surprised and amused me and, as I set about cleaning up the mess, I realised that just thinking of the ants had taken the bite out of my frustrated cleanliness-and-order-loving thoughts and made me smile. When the last bits of Brussel sprout leaves and fish chunks were cleared up, I was still smiling at the thought of how thorough those ants would have done that clean up job!

  2. Pop-pop says:

    I’m guessing the ant buttons we use here in PA would not be real effective in Cameroon. I think I’d be wiping down the counter every hour.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I truly can’t imagine experiencing that every day. We have been battling ants and finally gave in to a professional. It looks like a professional ant killer would be in high demand there!

  4. Denise says:

    Wow! That’s crazy!

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