Deployment of BGAN Satellites!

Last November I wrote about a new technology that we were evaluating for the possibility of being deployed in Cameroon. I’m happy to report that last week we successfully deployed 2 of these BGAN units and trained the Mother Tongue Translators (MTT’s) on how they work and also how to use their Bible Translation Software Package (Paratext) to upload their changes to servers on the internet that allow for translation work to be checked by a consultant in a different location. Another part of the training also included was how to receive send emails. In case you are wondering they are using Thunderbird for their email client.

David and Mark standing behind the office in Ombessa. Mark is with Wycliffe Associates and was first here in November for the initial evaluation.

We added two batteries and a power inverter to power the laptops in case of extended power outages, the batteries charge off of commercial power and should be able to provide power for 5-7 days.

Practicing sending email. He was using a standard computer but we switched him over to a netbook to save power, but when he has commercial electricity he is going to continue to use his standard monitor and keyboard.

In the back of the office we setup the bgan on a sawhorse that was just sitting back there waiting for us to use it. I still haven’t figured out the French word for sawhorse, it’s not in my dictionary. I just used the French word for thing over there when explaining how to setup the satellite.

Final verification with the translators that they understood how the system worked before we left.

Here is a picture of the hotel that we stayed at. There was a large cockroach waiting for me when I pulled down the sheets to go to bed that night, took me a little longer to go to sleep. Also, the water was not working so they kindly left us a bucket of water in our bathroom for bathing. The Gideons have also been here and left the Bible in 3 languages!

Here was the swimming pool. Too bad I forgot my speedo, but I’m sure the mosquitoes enjoyed the water.

Setting up the BGAN in Kon-Yambetta and explaining what the different buttons do.

Mark setup their laptops with email while I explained how the BGAN’s worked and how they would need to set them up each day and connect it to their laptops to check email and upload changes to their translation work.

Rick was with Wycliffe Associates and he came to help setup the batteries in Ombessa. Leo had asked for additional lighting so Rick gave him the flashlight that he had and told Leo that he would get additional lighting when he got back to the states that would run off the limited solar power that he has.

Here is a picture of the house across from where we were working.

There were many little children that were very interested in what we were doing.

After we were done with the training and configuring of the device the pastor came and dedicated the device. During his preaching he emphasized that it was important for this device to be used for the glory of God and that we needed to remain humble and pray. I was amazed at the volume he was able to preach at for an extend time in the hot sun.Before leaving we had a delicious meal including foufou, one of the staple foods that they eat every day. You can see if being cooked in the big container in the middle.

Before we left to head back to Yaoundé all the children had to say goodbye and help us load our truck.

Thank you for all who have prayed for this deployment. Please continue to pray that these devices will be used to help increase the pace of Bible Translation and that God will be glorified and his Word will spread and have an impact in these communities. You can also pray for the 30 additional devices that they have begun to deploy in neighboring Nigeria this week!

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7 Responses to Deployment of BGAN Satellites!

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    I am amazed at the tools God uses to get the Word out to the nations. I thank Him every day that you are one of those tools. Thanks for all the pictures, which help us better understand the setting in which you are living and working.

  2. Carolyn says:

    David, your expertise is certainly being used for God’s glory!

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