Mushroom in my bathroom

The first time we used the shower in our apartment we flooded the hallway outside the bathroom, made for a wet welcome after a long flight. I’m not sure if it’s just a really bad caulking job or too much water pressure or what caused it. But it takes special skill to take a shower without water seeping out from underneath the wall. I tried to fix it but I’m a computer geek and if I can’t use duck tape or super glue it probably is not going to be any better than it was before. We’ve tried to repair the caulk by adding more but it didn’t really help. It’s apparent that this has been going on for many years because the base boards by the bathroom look like they have been painted over numerous times to conceal water damage.

We have a large wooden panel that hides the base of the tub/shower and we have put several super absorbent towels underneath the tub to help keep water from flowing everywhere and making a mess whenever we use the shower. Today we decided we would remove the panel and wash our special absorbent towels. I was surprised because as I pulled them all out I also had to remove a 4 inch mushroom from the wood board that the tub sits on. I’m not really sure what is required to grow mushrooms in your bathroom but it looks like we have the perfect atmosphere.

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