God continually blesses us and chisels away areas to sculpt us.  We made an estimate sheet on the amount needed for moving to Cameroon.  We estimated somewhat low on household goods with the thought that if we didn’t have it we can slowly add items, for example a table & chairs or a couch, etc…  We were contacted by a couple who are leaving Yaoundé in June and they e-mailed us pictures of all their furniture, appliances and household items with prices.  They asked if we would be interested in any of their items, but they also included a line that they would like to offer us a bargain basement deal for everything.  The price was $50 different than our estimate.  WOW!  How amazing is that!?

Also last month was a financially tight month and we were blessed beyond imagination and we lived the 2 Kings 4:2-6, we were being blessed with endless pasta.  It seemed that no matter how much we ate, we continually had the same amount left in the box for the next meal.  He is teaching us more and more to be fully dependent on him.  We serve an awesome God!

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    We do serve an awesome God! Happy anniversary to you! May God give you many more years of joy as you serve Him.

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