I thought I would share a few of the answers to prayers and the blessings that we have had as we worked to get our visas for France. Thank you to everyone who has been praying, encouraging, and supporting us as we move forward with learning French. I signed for all four of them today!

  • FrenchFlag_000A knowledgeable and helpful Visa coordinator
  • Advice and tips from many who have done this before
  • Multiple Language School liaisons
  • Acceptance to French school
  • A place to live in France
  • Acceptance through Campus France
  • Getting all the required transcripts
  • Documentation for medical coverage in French
  • Invitation letters to Cameroon
  • Certified proof of financial funds while in France
  • Correctly filling out an application in French in all CAPS
  • Having the correct size and number of pictures
  • No side effects from multiple immunizations
  • Certified letters for the kids school in France (new requirement as of June 1st)
  • Safe Travel to and from the Consulate in the silver bullet
  • An affordable place to stay in downtown Chicago
  • That the USPS did not lose anything
  • The money to cover all the costs of travel and visas
  • Health and safety of the entire family during the process
  • A wife who was able to keep everything sorted and in order

Although the documentation and steps we needed to do seemed to be in a state of constant fluctuation I am thankful that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Heb 13:8 NIV).

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