Furry friends

CatCrossingSignPapa asked the boys Sunday night if they would like to have some kittens. They said, without blinking, YES! Who wouldn’t want a stuffed animal that plays with you and runs and hides and also an additional critter to blame things on when something in the house breaks or someone has a new scratch on their face, arm or foot? Well Jonah wanted to go with Papa to pick them up and they also took mommy for her expertise with all things cats. So after they had the food, litter, and litter box they went and picked up the two new kittens that are currently called Patches and Chester, those names are still up in the air and will probably be changed once everyone agrees on a new name. My suggestion was Michael and Jackson, or cat1 and cat2. They were up early this morning and had fun trying to knock over the plants and were able to get one of the lamps knocked off the table, I was able to catch it the first time they tried. The house might be child, toddler and adult proof but it still needs some work to be kitten proof.

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1 Response to Furry friends

  1. Pop Pop says:

    The names are now “Patches” and “Snuggles” and this dog lover has become a friend of felines, especially since Jonah is in love with both of them.

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