Sharing Sunday

Today was a sharp contrast from a few Sundays ago when I shared our Sunday morning confessions. Today we had two little boys that slept in, that is a miracle for those who don’t know our boys. They also enjoyed their breakfast without complaining that I didn’t give them candy or chocolate cake for breakfast. I think they were excited that they would get to not only go to another church this Sunday but an opportunity to share like Mommy and Daddy, but not on the big stage but just with the kids like them. Big people don’t seem to smile as much as smaller kids do when people are talking according to Joshua.

We have been sharing with other churches and families homes for almost a year now and every time they get to sit and listen to Mommy and Daddy share the story of God’s call on our lives in varying lengths and varying forms, many different modules and videos and I’m pretty sure they would be able to talk about our story without any help from Mommy and Daddy.

Today they were able to hold up the map and show everyone in children’s church where France and Cameroon are on the map. They also were able to pass out a penny to everyone in the room, which we use to help explain what a missionary is. They were also able to help with assembling a prayer cube that helps with stimulating prayer for the Bibleless people groups. [Download the cube here]

I’m very thankful for my two little helpers!

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2 Responses to Sharing Sunday

  1. Pop Pop says:

    I’m sure Joshua and Jonah are good helpers. They can be a helper to Pop Pop when you move to PA.

  2. Debora says:

    Raleigh really enjoyed the story. When I came home from work on Sunday, I was greeted by her sweet excitement and “Mom, we need to pack up and go”.

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