Power of hearing the Word of God

I love when I read in Acts 3 how Peter and John were going to the temple and the crippled man was healed through the power of the name of Jesus Christ.

I read a story today about Emmanuel who lives in Sierra Leone who began praying for healing after hearing the Word of God.

“Brother Paul asked us to give this to you. A man in the village gave it to him. He wanted you to have it, since you are the pastor, so you can share it with the people. He said it is the New Testament in our language.”

Emmanuel turned it on and heard Mende, his language, the language of his people, the language of his ancestors, coming from the black box. He listened, entranced—God’s Word, in Mende!!

He began listening to God’s Word through the Proclaimer every day. He remembers the day he heard Acts chapter three. Peter and John met the crippled man at the temple gate called Beautiful and said, “in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!” When Emmanuel heard this, he felt his faith stir. He says, “I started trusting God for my healing. Most nights I would wake up to pray and claim my healing. I said, ‘Lord, you healed that man that was crippled from birth, you can heal me who is only four months crippled.'”

As he continued to pray, he slowly felt life coming into his feet. Then, one night, he had a dream. He says, “I dreamed somebody was standing before me but I could not see his complete figure. He introduced himself as the angel Gabriel. He assured me God would heal me because of my faith. When I woke up, I called the other pastor to pray with me. The next morning, at about noon, I realized I could do much with little or no support from anybody. After sometime, I began doing my usual work. As you can now see, I am working normally, although I do sometimes feel slight pain in my veins. I am brushing a farm and also burning coal as you now see!”

Skeptics have asked him, “How do you know that you weren’t helped by the medical facility?” To which he responds, “I didn’t go to a medical facility.” And when they ask, “How do you know it was God’s special intervention?” He tells them how his faith was stirred by hearing God’s Word, and how God sent an angel to him in his dream.

Read the entire story at Faith Comes By Hearing.

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  1. Pop Pop says:

    Powerful story. Thanks.

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