Fun Devotions

We have been going through Fun Devotions for Boys – Gotta Have God and one of the really fun items about this series is that they have hands on crafts and experiments. Two days ago we talked about playing and that it can be fun and educational. “Play skillfully” Psalms 33:3

Egg and vinega bathThere was a story about playing, but what really captivated them was the hands on example.

So our example was to turn a normal egg into a rubber ball and that the shell would come off in the jar. We took an egg out of our refrigerator and let them hold it so they could feel that it was a normal egg. Then we let them take turns filling the jar with vinegar and in 48 hours we told them they would have a rubber ball. Joshua said that 48 hours was going to take forever so we told him in 2 days so the number didn’t seem as large. They watched as the egg was covered with bubbles and checked on it every few hours to see how the shell dissolving was coming. Today he woke up and ran to the jar and said we get to play with the ball today. I’m not really sure how much play we will have especially since the instructions to the parents say “Dispose of egg after the activity.”

I guess we will learn what it means to play skillfully when we remove the egg from the 48 hour vinegar bath later this morning.

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3 Responses to Fun Devotions

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Make sure the egg is played with outside – just in case there is an “eggsplosion”!

  2. nene says:

    leave it to pop-pop to worry about the mess. I worry about the smell. Thank goodness you didn’t save this for PA.

  3. andersondavidp says:

    We did end up with an eggsplosion when Joshua tried to bounce the egg back to his brother, but it only smelled like vinegar.

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