Yes this is a feat that we thought we have mastered in French. But there were many things that we were unaware of since there are no signs and the only way you find this out is if you are in the “know” which we were not. Yesterday DeAnna’s language partner wanted her to go to Cora (French version of Wal-Mart) with her so she could show her how to “really shop.”

DeAnna spoke in French and her partner spoke in English so they both could practice their foreign languages. First problem was that the security thought they were up to something funny since they were talking in different languages to each other. Next problem was at the deli when the worker behind the counter couldn’t figure out why a French person would give away all the shopping secrets.

Lessons Learned

  1. You can go to the deli and ask for yesterday’s meat and they will sell it at a discount but it’s not on display.
  2. How to demand to speak to the manager when the price advertised is not the price they are selling it for.
  3. You should never buy certain items since they are way too easy to make – i.e. the quatre-quarts gateau (4 cups of flour, 4 cups of sugar, 4 eggs and 4 pounds of butter or something like that and bake it)
  4. Don’t buy the rolled up croissants that you pop in the oven to bake. (DeAnna needed to anyway for a recipe she was making)
  5. A faux fillet is the best cut Cora sells for steak (Faux is also the French word for false so this was not something we would have purchased)
  6. When you go to the Deli you can ask to sample anything and they let you try it for FREE! (I wondered why they didn’t have the sample trays like Costco!)
  7. How to ask for the amount of octopus you want (barquette)
  8. How to read the labels to pare your cheese with the different foods and how to select the correct cheeses (She even told us which cheeses don’t taste good – but I will not post that here as to not damage the reputation of those cheeses)
  9. How to read the price labels to know which one really is the best price (there are little numbers to look for)
  10. What website to go to in order to find great French cooking recipes
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3 Responses to Shopping

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Like everything else you are doing, shopping sounds like an adventure. Love to all.

  2. us5 says:

    yum…i’m thinking a deli sounds pretty good right about now. and the french would be appalled at what passes for a croissant in this part of the world. I’M appalled, and i’ve never even been to France!!! ;o)

    Deanne – it sounds like your language partner is pretty serious about her food. how much more language school are you all slated for?

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