The top 10 signs we have adapted to France

10. We rate cheese by strength and not just the smell.

9. People stop us on the street for directions and we can help them.

8.  We question when we are charged the wrong price for something.

7. We are now helping the non-French speaking people in the checkout line at Cora.

6. We understand the process to purchase produce.

5. Others are “loud” on the train or bus.

4. Enjoy watching French comedians and even laugh at their jokes.

3. An 8-pack of paper towels is huge!

2. Ratatouille with a goat cheese & honey appetizer and a baguette is one of the best dinners.

1. Wearing a Speedo at the public swimming pool seems normal.

There have been many times where we have struggled with language learning and differences in cultures but we are glad to see that we are adjusting to life in France. Now in less than a month we will begin the process of adjusting to another country and another culture. I’m pretty sure that Speedo’s are not required in Cameroon – but I guess I’ll take it just in case.

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5 Responses to The top 10 signs we have adapted to France

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Wow – a year has passed so quickly. God has been faithful – and we have no reason to suspect He will be anything but faithful in the weeks, months and years to come. Congratulations on adopting to the culture. Now – on to Cameroon.

  2. Lisa Cooper says:

    No offense David, but I just have one comment about #1 – Ew…

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