Change of Plans

When our family left for Cameroon in 2009, we thought that would be our new permanent home.  David and I truly thought we would be Cameroon at least until the boys were ready for college.  When our health declined and the Lord made it clear it was time to leave Cameroon in 2015, we had mixed feelings.  Leaving Cameroon meant we weren’t going to be following through on what we thought would be our long term home and ministry.  We were happy to be reunited with family and friends in the US, but sad about leaving Cameroon.  We also questioned ourselves time and time again, especially while struggling throughout 2015 and 2016.

David started volunteering with the YouVersion Bible App immediately upon our arrival back to the US in 2015.  He began sharing some of the help tickets that he would receive with me.  We were amazed how many help tickets were coming from former colleagues in Cameroon and Cameroonians.  He not only could answer the help tickets that were in French or English, but he could also have that bond of continuing to serve Cameroon.

On Friday, David was answering help tickets and he received this ticket.  We are continually encouraged and amazed how God uses us no matter where we are planted and that the door to Cameroon wasn’t closed, it was just changed from actually physically being there to opening the door via the world wide web.

“Greetings  to u in the name of jesus . I will  be grateful  if I can have  a free bible. For now I don’t  have  one. I am in Africa .  Cameroon .  Douane . Bonaber. Thanks for understanding . “

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    His ways and thoughts truly are higher than ours. I am glad that He continues to encourage you and remind you that your ministry continues, whether you are in Cameroon or Missouri.

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