Cameroon Near and Far

The last blog shared how we originally thought we would be in Cameroon for a long time, but things changed.  It was hard to leave because it felt like we weren’t following through and that a door was being closed, but a new door was opened – the internet.

My role as a Launch Coordinator has also been so encouraging about keeping Cameroon in our lives.  Instead of physically being in Cameroon, helping to orient new colleagues arriving to the country; I get to help prepare them on this end to go to, live and serve in Cameroon.  Since October, I’ve had the privilege to “launch” two single women and two families to Cameroon!

It’s so incredible that we get to continue to serve “in” Cameroon from Pleasant Hill, Missouri.

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2 Responses to Cameroon Near and Far

  1. Pop-pop says:

    God uses us where ever we are living. So glad He is using you in a way that will assist others in transitioning from one phase of their lives to another.

  2. MawMaw says:

    The opportunities for David & DeAnna to serve are endless and ever present. What a blessing that you recognize the opportunities when they arise and that you seek God’s guidance and leadership each day!

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