Once upon a time there was a young man and young woman who were excited about graduating college, starting careers, starting a family, earning money and living happily ever after.  During this time in their lives, they purchased a home that was a dream home to them.  While living in this home they planted two trees that were supposed to be the fastest growing hybrid trees, making claims that these trees would be fully grown (60 feet) within 10 years.  Their neighbors who purchased expensive, nursery trees that were larger at the time of planting, laughed at them saying this young family fell for a scam.  This family planted their sticks of trees in 2007 and had their oldest (4 year old at the time) pose by the trees.

front yard treebackyard tree

That family had their lives turn upside-down and inside-out as they decided to fully commit and say, “yes” to God’s call on their lives and needed to sell their home.  When they sold their home, they instructed the new owner on how to care for the trees to help insure the trees growth.

This family returned to the area after eight years of planting the trees and drove by their previous home.  They were shocked and amazed at how large the trees had grown.  They smiled because they knew the new owner cared for the trees they planted, insuring their growth.  They smiled when they looked across the street at the neighbors trees that were planted close to the same time and those trees haven’t grown much at all.

front treefront and back tree

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2 Responses to Trees

  1. Pop-pop says:

    How cool. I remember those little trees. You must have been blessed to see them.

  2. MawMaw says:

    Beautiful trees. Awesome 4 year-old who now is 12. Who knew that at the time of planting those trees would be an example you would one day use in witness, faith and obedience to the call of Christ in your lives. Love you!

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