It’s hard to explain the emotional, physical and mental toll of going through transition and adjustment.  We’re trying to give one another grace.  School here is very different than school in Cameroon.  The boys have been on a bumpy school transition.  This is the first time Jonah has ever attended school in the USA.  The last time Joshua attended school in the USA was for Kindergarten.

Part of Jonah’s class schedule is keyboarding.  Our boys have never had keyboarding.  David and I have tried to get the boys to play keyboarding games, etc… over the years, however, they would fight us on it.  Jonah has had a lot of frustration with keyboarding due to the amputation of one finger and limited motion of another on his left hand.  We have received numerous emails from his keyboarding teacher about him falling behind in his keyboarding class work.  He’s had homework to complete at home.  On Tuesday I received an email from his keyboarding teacher.  My mind immediately wondered – is he behind again?  did his frustration get the best of him and he lose it at school?  It was a wonderful surprise.  It read – I want to let you know that I have selected Jonah as the Elective Student of the Week. I chose Jonah for many reasons, two of which include his work ethic and  the way he constantly shows respect to both peers and teachers throughout the school day.

David and I were invited to the opening assembly time on Friday to watch him receive the award.  It was a surprise to him to receive the award and a surprise to see us at his assembly time.

receiving awardStudent of the week

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10 Responses to Encouragement

  1. Jill says:

    So cool!

  2. Pop-pop says:

    Congratulations Jonah. We are so proud of you and Joshua. We know you will do your very best.

  3. Rosalie says:

    Great job Jonah — keep up the good work!

  4. Barbara says:

    Fantastic! Congratulations, Jonah!🎉

  5. Tracy Pickett says:

    Hoorah!! Hoorah!!!! >

  6. Shirley Dillon says:

    Congratulations Jonah!! Keep up the good work. And congrats to a proud mom and dad.

  7. MawMaw says:

    Proud of you, Jonah, for being a Star Student and especially for showing respect to your classmates and teachers! Whoop-whoop!

  8. macahajo says:

    Though typing is an important skill 😉 it’s character that counts! Continue to shine your light for Jesus, Jonah! We are praying for your family today as you continue to make this transition. God will continue to carry you through! – Cathy K.

  9. Lisa says:

    That is so awesome!! His shirt says it all! With his attitude, he’ll never have a bad day. 🙂 Go Jonah!!

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