Grasshopper Grip

A couple of weeks ago there was a grasshopper sitting on the passenger side mirror of our van when we went to get in the van.  I was surprised that the grasshopper didn’t jump off when the door opened and closed.  I thought once we start moving, the grasshopper will jump off.  That didn’t happen.  This little grasshopper held on tight as we started down the highway.  We were traveling at 60 mph and his antenna were laying flat in the wind, but he refused to let go.  This grasshopper continued on the side mirror for about 10 miles until when one of his legs lifted a bit he lost his grip and flew off.

grasshopper 2

I’ve felt much like this grasshopper for years now.  I feel with all the transitions and challenges we’ve faced that I’ve been trying to hold on without losing my grip – survive!  Since our return, I’ve been well aware that I need to be still and acknowledge God as the supremacy in my life.  This time of limbo is very difficult – not knowing what’s next – where will we be living for the next school year?  what role will we be filling?  will others want to be part of our team?  are we hurting our boys by living a nomadic life?

I’ve been taking time to rest in His grip.



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2 Responses to Grasshopper Grip

  1. Pop-pop says:

    His grip is the safest place to be. Transition is never easy, but when we consider our life now is just a transition until heaven, it helps.

  2. MawMaw says:

    In addition to His grip, I and others are here to cover you in prayer and wrap our arms around you until the time that you’ll know what’s next and take that leap…like the grasshopper. (Keep your foot firmly planted so you don’t fly away at 60 mph, though. LOL)

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