On May 1, 2014, David spent the Labor Day with the kitchen staff preparing the meal for the personnel to enjoy at a banquet held after the parade.  He was given the job of making salad platters.  There isn’t pre-cut lettuce or vegetables – that was his job.  He came home late that evening with red, pruny hands that were stinging.  He searched online to find an industrial strength tomato chopper to secretly order for the kitchen.

Labor Day Kitchen

One week before we left Cameroon, the chopper finally arrived.  Rebecca who works in the kitchen was so tickled and appreciative of the chopper.

tomato chopper

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2 Responses to Chopper

  1. Pop-pop says:

    David – I’m thinking DeAnna will let you help, but she is not giving way to you taking charge of the kitchen. You do look good in an apron, though.

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