Setting Sun in the West

We have been in Colorado with our home church spending time in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Our guest speaker shared one night about a way to do a self reflection/evaluation that really stuck with me.  He shared about a personal compass.  The North are the things that keep me focused, on track, help me function.  The East are the things on the horizon, mountains that I have to climb, things that seem impossible.  The South are the things that are playful about me, things that help me relax, things I like to do to recreate.  The West are the things I need to let go of, put behind me or just closed down.  This blog will be focusing on the West – the sun has set on a large part of our lives and livelihood.

We had many hard goodbyes and have been on an emotional roller coaster for several months now.  The branch held a goodbye coffee break for us.  I termed these “goodbye funerals” because some of them I’ve attended in the past it’s like people give eulogies to the people leaving, however, ours wasn’t and I was thankful for that.

goodbye break goodbye prayerRebecca made us a pretty goodbye cake for our goodbye coffee break.

cake with RebeccaThe hardest goodbye to say was to Sophie.  Sophie is family to us and we probably won’t be able to see her again, which is very difficult to think about and/or admit.

Sophie goodbyeOf course, we had to say goodbye to our precious dog, however, we are happy he is with a new family being loved.

Over the years we’ve had to completely liquidate our belongings more than once, we’ve moved across continents and back again (not easy when you only have eight suitcases at 50 lbs each) and we’ve had to walk through many empty homes that we moved out of.  I don’t like walking through homes we’ve lived in that were emptied.  Empty houses seem so sad and lifeless.  Memories hang on the walls.  Goodbye Cameroon home.

empty house empty house2When we first arrived in Cameroon in 2010, I prayed for for friends.  I know me and I need friends.  The Lord answered my prayers and gave me wonderful friends.  Many people on the mission field will stop making friends because the goodbyes are so hard.  The goodbyes are hard, however, I’m so thankful for their relationship with me.  I look forward to seeing them again someday.

goodbye coffee cafe

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1 Response to Setting Sun in the West

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Goodbyes are difficult. In the midst of hyour transition, we are glad to soon be saying hello. Friends are always friends – and there will be many more made. Know you are daily in our prayers – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DeAnna!

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