Labor Day

The sun is rising up over the horizon, the bright rays are filtering through the clouds. It’s a special day, it’s Labor Day. Labor Day is celebrated differently here than in our passport country. Labor Day is a day to be with those you work with and march parade style in matching clothes downtown before eating a meal together. David has went to many marching parades on Labor Day, however, this year he wanted to be with the few who are left behind to prepare for the after marching feast.
Standing in the kitchen, sweat rolling down his forehead and his fingers turning to wrinkled prunes as he cuts hundreds of vegetables, he’s filled with joy as he works with these remarkable ladies. Before the day arrived, he heard several comments – Director’s can’t help in the kitchen. Why would you want to help in the kitchen? You should be sitting at the place of honor at the parade. Laughter.

The next day, David received an email from a colleague, I just wanted to encourage you that your day yesterday was well-spent… My friend, Hortense, spent the day in the kitchen and said that you helped out all day in the kitchen. She said that everyone was so impressed that you served in this way and that someone of your high position would humble himself to help the women in the kitchen. Hortense was quite blown away by the humility this shows, and said it was a great testimony.
The women enjoyed having you in the kitchen and enjoyed their interactions with you – and really appreciated your hard work too! Hortense said about you “C’est quelqu’un de très bon, mais on ne le savait pas auparavant.”

Labor Day 3

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2 Responses to Labor Day

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I don’t know the French phrase but I do know you demonstrated the attitude of Jesus. “For the son of man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many “. (Mark 10:45)

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