Water Filters

We’re sick and tired of intestinal issues.  Some call it King Tut’s Revenge, some call it riding the porcelain throne, there have been songs about it using baseball terms, some call it the trots – diarrhea!  It’s no fun!  I used to not be so open to discuss my intestinal issues before living here, but now it doesn’t faze me – when missionaries get together – we talk about it.  We’ll even try to help each other out by asking more probing details because chances are someone else has had the same issue and knows what is needed to solve the problem.  Since we keep having problems in this area (amoeba, giardia), we figured it might be a water filter issue.

We purchased a new water filter, one that has a UV light that’s suppose to kill all the viruses and bacteria in the water.  This is our fifth water filter system since living in Cameroon and we hope it does the trick and we’ll stop having the repeated intestinal troubles.  Since our water gets turned off regularly, we keep a good supply of filtered water on hand.  We used the water in those bottles to water our plants outside and refilled them all with the new filter system’s filtered water.

New Water FilterRefilling Bottles

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3 Responses to Water Filters

  1. Pop pop says:

    I cannot imagine. Is toilet paper expensive? Still another item for which to pray: clean water.

  2. Barbara says:

    Praying that this 5th system will solve your amoeba vs intestine problems.

  3. Judith says:

    You want a British Berkefield (?Berkfeld) Goodness, I can’t remember how to spell it despite staring at the label all those years while I filled the bottles from it!! Anyway… never had much in the way of tummy troubles at all, and that was the kind of filter we always used…
    Miserable to have it going on and on… Having said that, though, a friend of ours here in England had giardia recently, picked up either in the UK, Paris, or the Gulf… I had it once, and lost so much weight – it was wonderful… in one way… but not REALLY a good way to lose weight!

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