Water Filters

It’s necessary to use a water filter here because the water out of the tap is contaminated water, not only isn’t it treated, but it harbors bacteria and viruses that could make us very sick.  We have been through many water filters trying to find the best system for our family.  We have been using our current system for three months and were told we needed to change the sediment filter every three months.  Today we changed it and took a comparison photo of the new cartridge and the dirty one needing to be replaced.   If you ever wonder why our “white” socks are more of a reddish dirty color, you will know because our laundry water is tap water.  We are very thankful for water filters so we can drink clean water!

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3 Responses to Water Filters

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Wow! Every time I read one of your blogs, or see another picture, I am reminded again of how good we have it, and what a sacrifice you have made. Thank you for following the Lord’s lead.

  2. Deanna, So much of what you describe Joshua and I experienced in Mexico. I will always remember our first trip back home. Josh called, “Mom, look!” He was drinking water straight from the faucet using his hand. He and I were both amazed at how much we take for granted here at home.

    Love you for what you are doing!

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