Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.  It’s not a holiday or celebrated day here – just any other day.  We don’t get the candy conversation hearts or heart shaped boxes with chocolates or roses delivered.

I remember when David and I were dating he would have roses sent to my place of work and take me out for dinner.  I would buy the conversation hearts that he enjoys and we would lovingly gaze at one another.

Sunset KissAfter children were added to our fold, I started buying Papa Murphy’s heart-shaped pepperoni pizza and would wait for David’s phone call that he was headed home from work.  I would pop it in the oven to time it so when he walked in the door, the pizza would be ready.  I would still purchase the conversation hearts – they became dessert.

Joshua & JonahIn France, I made heart-shaped individual meatloaves for each of us.

heart-shaped meatloavesLast year, I wanted to rekindle the Papa Murphy’s memory and made heart-shaped pizza’s.

heart-shaped pizzasI don’t know what I’ll do to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, but I enjoy looking back at the photos from Valentine’s Day past.

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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Whether it’s a meatloaf, heart-shaped pizza, conversation hearts or roses – know that you are all loved dearly and deeply. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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