What’s That Noise?

The other day while David and I were watching a movie, I heard something.  It had been somewhat windy and on one side of our roof the aluminum roofing flaps a bit in the wind making a bit of a ruckus.  David said he thought it was just the flapping.  I said it sounded stronger to me than flapping, but we didn’t hear the noise again and the dog didn’t bark, so we went back to watching the movie.

The next day, I walked to the backyard to add some items to the compost and saw that our backyard papaya tree had fallen down and was resting on the gutter.  In my mind I thought, “Ah ha, that’s the noise I heard.”

fallen papaya tree

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4 Responses to What’s That Noise?

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I am assuming there was no damage to the roof? Glad no one was hurt. Did you leave the tree there, or has it been removed?

  2. Barbara says:

    You may have lost a tree, but thank goodness it didn’t damage your water tower.

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