There are roaming chickens pretty much everywhere you go.  I’m (DeAnna) nervous when they seem to not be moving off to the side when I’m driving because I don’t want to hit it and have to pay the owner for the chicken I hit.  We didn’t know until living here that roosters crow all the time, not just in the morning, however, we are used to hearing them so they don’t keep us up anymore.  Just outside our gate is a poultry family who likes to nest in the ashes of our neighbors burn pile.  As David would say “They are fowl.”


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3 Responses to Fowl

  1. Pop-pop says:

    If they next in the burn pile, does that mean you might have roasted chicken?

  2. Barbara says:

    Reading David’s comment …it’s a sure give-away that he has his father’s gift for word play.
    Yes, Paul. That comment was referring to you 😉

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