Car Repair

The basketball court just outside our gate is a great area.  We are thankful that the previous residents of the house we live in made the court.  It’s used for all kinds of things, including car repair.  What I (DeAnna) found most interesting wasn’t that car repair was happening on the basketball court, but that the whole car was being propped up like one would prop up a car hood.  We’ve seen this before as we pass car repair entrepreneurs, but this time we could get up close and take a picture.

I remarked to the men working on it that it seemed dangerous to me to work under it and they all got a belly laugh from my comment.  Later that day we heard a loud noise followed by laughter when they removed the boards and allowed the car to fall down just like one does with a car hood.

IMG_2176 IMG_2175

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2 Responses to Car Repair

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Two questions: Just exactly what were they working on that they had the car propped up like that and when it came crashing down did everything they fixed come undone again?
    By the way – love the basketball court. Hope the boys get to use it from time to time for basketball instead of car repair.

    • David says:

      They were trying to fix the exhaust. They had borrowed a welding machine and wanted to fix the bars on the windows of the house and the car exhaust. I guess if they welded good it would hold when they dropped the car.

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