Mud Homes

The soil here is red and full of clay.  It reminds me (DeAnna) a lot of the soil where my grandparents live (Burtville).  There is a pottery place in Eseka that uses the clay found in the riverbed.  It is a natural building material for constructing homes.  First one starts with the frame and fills in the gaps with mud and let it dry.  Sometimes the mud and frames are covered with a thin layer of cement or sometimes not.  Sometimes you’ll find places making mud bricks that dry in the sun, then the bricks are stacked to build a structure.

This house is one we passed by and took a picture to show a typical mud constructed home.


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  1. Pop-pop says:

    With nearly every post you make, I am reminded of how blessed I am. These daily reminders humble me, and make me even more thankful not only for what God has given to me, but for how He is using you. Thank you for the updates, which not only give me a picture of where you are, but which enables me to better pray.

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