Owl What?

I (DeAnna) was given an owl pellet in August to use during our homeschool year.  While making lesson plans, I found a great unit to add this dissection process to.  When an owl eats, it doesn’t chew up all the little bones and parts of what it eats, so it creates a ball (kind of like a cat’s fur ball) that it spits up and violà you have an owl pellet.  Within these small masses one can discover many bones and find out what the owl ate.  Jonah’s had so much fun dissecting the pellet and finding these little bones.

Our educated guess, based on the bones found within the pellet, is that this particular owl ate a mouse and a shrew.

IMG_2169 IMG_2174

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1 Response to Owl What?

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Yuk! And I thought dissecting frogs in 9th grade biology was gross! This takes it to a new level. Jonah – I’m proud of you for “digging” into this assignment. Perhaps you will be a forensic scientist?

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