What’s the deal with iPads?

I (David) know that MAC has come up with millions of reasons everyone on the planet should buy an iPad, but there are certain tasks that I’ve just had a difficult time understanding why. Even in Cameroon. They even sell special cases so your 6 month old baby can have one.

iPads, and tablets in general provide a great tool to carry multiple Bibles with you in multiple languages at all times. Books, Music, Games , etc… Good Use! Great for business people on the go, notes and emails.

But there are still other tools in the wider market place that seem to me would do the job better than the iPad. Tools most other people already own. I’m not saying this just because I’m not a Mac fan.

I was recently at an event in Yaounde where I was the only non-ewondo speaker and every so often they would stop the event and explain to me what they were saying in French. But I had a hard time taking my eyes off the guy walking around videotaping with an iPad, especially since there was a video camera sitting there on a tri-pod 2 feet away. I saw the same thing when we were in Washington DC at the Museum of Natural History, instead of maybe taking a picture here or there a person was walking around with their tablet in front of their face videotaping everything there.

I don’t get it? Maybe I missed the advertisement or the reason iPads should be used for this purpose. Well that’s my rant, and since Andy Rooney isn’t doing this anymore for 60 minutes I guess I’ll give someone my 60 seconds on, So What’s the deal with iPads? Maybe they should call them iCanDoAnythingPad.

ipad pic

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5 Responses to iShouldn’tPAD

  1. Pop pop says:

    Wow. I’ve never heard you rant. And I miss Andy Rooney. Thanks for picking up the slack. (Sent from my IPhone).

  2. Pop-pop says:

    Sometimes its good to rant, and sometimes its good to keep them in our head. Wisdom is knowing which.

  3. royeyre says:

    The beauty of the multi-purpose device is that you have everything in one place. The downside is that jacks of all trades are seldom masters of any.

    There have been some pretty innovative ideas for what an iPad can do (my favourite “stretch” is probably the breathaleyes app, which attempts to measure blood alcohol content by videoing the eyes). But the single use devices still trump when you want accuracy and user-friendliness.

    I do still have trouble with people taking photos or video with the iPad. Looks funny when they hold it up like that.

    • David says:

      Thanks Roy, I still think we need to go back to cameras and not tablets when recording video. I was at a government event the other day and there was another guy walking around the minister recording the entire event on an ipad.

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