Struck a Chord

We follow many different blogs and find laughter, encouragement and sometimes a kick in the pants.  In one week there were two blogs that struck a chord deep within me.  So often when I’m (DeAnna) asked questions about our life here, it’s hard for me to articulate what I want to share.

When someone shares with me that I’m brave, I cringe.  That’s the last thing I feel.  I feel helplessly, desperately, breathlessly, clingingly DEPENDENT.  This is a hard thing for a control freak like me to feel.  The muscles in my body are clenched tight and became that way through the tension of living in a foreign culture, speaking a foreign language, learning the lay of a foreign land, the constant worry of illnesses or accidents, feeling like every moment I’m on the brink of an emergency and not being able to operate confidently.

I liked the description that one blogger wrote about living overseas.  She wrote that living overseas is a form of fasting.  Fasting from the comforts of a would-be heaven on earth where there are dishwashers, clothes dryers, constant electricity, fast internet, clean water, water that stays on, fully-stocked grocery stores, Boy Scouts and activities for the boys to take part in.

So why in the world would I fast in this way and live in a constant heightened state of awareness?  I want God’s Word to be available to every language, tribe and tongue so much that I will risk scary diseases, fast from my beloved family, friends and worldly comforts and raise our children as TCK’s (Third Culture Kids).

Parts of this blog were taken from A Life Overseas: A Missions Conversation

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2 Responses to Struck a Chord

  1. Pop pop says:

    Because of your willingness to fast many will find hope in Jesus. As trying as it is, thank you for surrendering control. Know that you are daily in our prayers. You are never far from our thoughts. And we love you immensely.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Your obedience speaks volumes!

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