Mysterious Holes

I plan a menu for each week and like to set the recipe cards on top of my recipe box in order of the menu to easily access.  I noticed that some of my recipe cards were getting small holes in them.  One had holes and poo on it.  I tossed that one.

I looked at it carefully, but the holes and poo were too small for a mouse, plus our cat would’ve taken care of a mouse.  I asked Sophie about the mysterious holes and poo and she said they were made by a cockroach.  I never knew that cockroaches would eat paper like this.

I stopped placing my recipe cards on top of the recipe box and now place them in the front of the box.

I was thinking about the age old excuse of my dog ate my homework and thought if the boys left their homework out it’s possible that a cockroach will eat their homework.


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3 Responses to Mysterious Holes

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Yuk! The learning curve just got a little larger.

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