Plantain Chip Agent

I’ve (DeAnna) been privileged to become friends with a woman named Rosalie.  She’s a very sweet woman who makes and sells plantain chips.  Her chips are very tasty and liked by most in the mission community.  She sells them once a week at one of the compound gates.  I began helping her with her financial management a couple of years ago, which led to our friendship.  She was sharing with me that in the past when many missionaries leave during the month of June, her sales drop.  She shared that last year, she would make ten bags of chips and leave with nine.  She simply can’t afford to purchase the plantains, fry them, package them and not sell them.  I told her I would send out an email and ask for people to pre-order, then I’ll call her with the number she needs to make, give her a list and she will need to be firm to only sell to those on the list.  The wonderful part to all of this is that she is selling more bags of chips with pre-orders than she did when she just showed up to sell.


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3 Responses to Plantain Chip Agent

  1. RUTHANN says:

    DeAnna, you are the BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    You are again putting your entrepreneur skills into action to help others. Love you!

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