This is a tribute to my husband, David, a.k.a, Honey.  At a Love and Respect conference five years ago, there was a section of the speaking that really stuck with me.  Here it is, would I want my future daughter-in-law to speak to my son the way I speak to my husband?  There are times I don’t think about that and speak anyway, but thankfully David is quick to forgive.

When we met David was a funny, carefree guy serving in the USAF.  He didn’t have a serious bone in his body.  Sometimes it was frustrating when trying to have a serious conversation, however, also a great relief when I was angry and he could make me change from anger to laughter in a blink of an eye.  Even in the midst of his non-seriousness, he had incredible work ethic.  He comes from a long line of workaholics and follows suit.  There have been many times over our 14 years of marriage that his workaholic tendencies have been a point of tension, however, at the same time I’ve never worried if our family would be taken care of because I know if we don’t have a penny to our name, he would work three jobs filling the full 24 hours in a day just to provide for us.  I’m thankful he listens to the Lord’s leading for our family and stays confident in the Lord’s faithfulness to provide for us.

He has been in many men’s Bible studies over the years and I remember his time in Men’s Fraternity by Robert Lewis.  He keeps the bullet points in his head at all times and uses it as a measuring stick in his daily work.  Reject Passivity, Accept Responsibility, Lead Courageously and Invest Eternally.  David is an authentic man whom I respect immensely.  He leads courageously amongst much criticism (anyone in a leadership position gets criticized).  He accepts great loads of responsibility – he doesn’t complain (although I complain about his loads of responsibility).  He rejects passivity and makes the unpopular, hard decisions.  He also steps up to the plate to confront huge tasks that I think most would cower from.  He is investing eternally through his work, through ministry and through daily life.

I’m respectfully his wife, a.k.a. Sweetie.

David conferenec

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4 Responses to Tribute

  1. Pop-pop says:

    And I am his very proud dad – who is proud not only of him, but his wife and children as well.

  2. Ann Keckler says:

    This is beautiful, Deanna. I am so proud of the man David has become, too! His mother used to just shake her head and comment that his angels had to work so hard – lol. It is truly a blessing to know you both and to see how you have all grown as a family. You challenge me as I see how you are so selflessly serving The Lord. God bless…

  3. Laura says:

    A beautiful tribute Deanna 🙂

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