Worry Wart

I think the majority of Mom’s are worry warts.  I’m definitely a worry wart, however, the things I worry about have changed by leaps and bounds than what they used to be.

One of my continuing worries has been if we are damaging the boys or setting them up for future troubles by living outside our passport country.  I know in my head that when God calls a family he calls the whole family and that’s His design, however, there are times that it’s hard to take it from head knowledge to heart knowledge.

There are many times I feel guilty as a Mom because the boys can’t be with relatives.  I feel guilty not being in a place where the boys can compete in any sport or music or whatever of their choosing.  I feel guilty that they don’t have any idea of what is “in” compared to their friends from their passport country.  I feel guilty that we are rootless and they won’t have a house to return to in adulthood and see all the mementos left behind from years of living in that house.  The list goes on.

Then, the boys do things that make me see how fortunate they are.  They know how small the world really is, they have friends from five continents.  They know geography from living there or traveling through places around the world.  They have seen true poverty.  They are color blind and just see people.  They can hear and distinguish many languages.  They have seen vehicles packed beyond their limits and play with their cars stacking things on top.


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3 Responses to Worry Wart

  1. Pop pop says:

    And you are learning better than most of the faithfulness of God. The boys are learning what is really important in life. And as a family you are demonstrating to others what it means to rely on God alone. You are building for eternity, and we are both proud of you and thankful for you. We love you.

  2. Mark says:

    Seeing how they play with that U-Haul truck is a neat symbol of the fresh eyes they are getting by being in Cameroon. I recall seeing ludicrously packed vehicles in Haiti and it makes me smile to remember them think of that one aspect of the world Josh and Jonah are seeing.

  3. Mom/MawMaw says:

    DeAnna, I just read your blog. I’ll have to get back with you later to leave a comment…can’t see to type through tears right now. I love you! Mom/MawMaw

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