Bacon can go with anything!

We met some great friends in Cameroon, who now live in Canada.  Many times when we, the ex-patriots, would get together we would talk about foods we miss when living in Cameroon.  One of the foods that almost everyone misses is bacon.  During our time together, our friend Pete said that bacon goes with anything.  His wife would normally challenge his statement with asking if bacon would pair with fruit flavored Jello.  We have been back in the USA for a little more than a month and we recently went into Burger King.  We were surprised to see a table tent advertisement for a Bacon Sundae.  DeAnna thought that was a little too challenging on the pallet, but David saw it as an opportunity.  So Pete, David can confidently say bacon does go with ice cream, fudge & caramel in a bacon sundae.

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3 Responses to Bacon can go with anything!

  1. Pop pop says:

    That’s a new taste. Bacon anyone?

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