Ancient History

We recently spent a week in Ohio and were able to take the boys to visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force. DeAnna and I had visited this museum about 10 years ago on one of our drives back and forth between Missouri and Pennsylvania. I was excited to take the boys because the museum had finished the cold war wing that was under construction last time we were there. The new wing had a B-2 bomber and I wanted to show the boys the air plane that daddy worked on when he was in the Air Force.

Now I know it has been awhile since I served but the plaque under the air plane said something close to “Based at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., the B-2 soon demonstrated its combat capabilities in Operation Allied Force over Serbia in 1999…” So my first thought was, I remember when that happened. Then my next thought was, am I getting old that something I was a part of is now in a National Museum?

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2 Responses to Ancient History

  1. Mom says:

    According to Joshua, happenings that took place in the “19’s” are old stuff, so…

    Or, maybe since we live in a more rapid society history just catches up to us faster. Yeah, that must be it!

  2. Pop-pop says:

    Yes – you must be getting older. Soon you’ll be catching up with me.

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