What is it about this cured, salty, pork product that is so tasty?  David is one who thinks bacon goes with anything.  He proved that by ordering the Burger King bacon ice cream sundae last year while in the USA.

We miss bacon!  So that’s why we ask for it in care packages.  We received in the August shipment three cans of bacon.  Yep, that’s right – canned bacon with a long shelf life!  This is was a first in experiences for us and thought I would share what canned bacon looks like.  It’s basically precooked bacon in the wax sheets, rolled up and placed in a can.

IMG_2096 ???????????????????????????????

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5 Responses to Bacon

  1. Mark says:

    Not sure why it is so yummy. But just the thought of it perks up my appetite. Mmm bacon.

  2. Pop-pop says:

    Bacon does go with anything and everything. You showed how it looked – how does it taste?

  3. Barbara says:

    Read this post early this morning and now all I can think about is bacon for breakfast. LOL
    I noticed that “Yoders” is the brand name with the Amish buggy in the logo. Where is this packaged? There is a Yoders market located about 20 miles from our home in Morgantown, PA. If it’s good, I can research to get you more 🙂

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