Bread Day

Today was a day full of bread making (we don’t have a bread machine).  All our bread is made by hand, the same with tortillas and every other baked good.  Today I needed to make bread and thought I would try a recipe I found in a cookbook.  The recipe title was “Easy Bread.”  Not that bread making is that hard, but if I could get it done faster, I was willing to try.  The easy bread ended up being a lump of dough that refused to rise.  I chalked it up to that the humidity here is always 90+% and the yeast was mixed into the dough, instead of started at the beginning before adding other ingredients.  Note to self, just go back to what I know to get it done.  Bread number 2, I’m really trying to figure out what happened, I used the recipe in my head, but ended up with flat, dense loaves.  David is very positive and said it reminded him of English Muffin Loaf.  So, if you have made bread, then you know it’s a timely process and I’ve just spent about 4 hours on bread making, but still didn’t have sandwich worthy bread.  Plus, our flour has to be sifted first because of bugs, which is just another step in the process.  At 5pm I started attempt number 3, deciding to pull out the Amish bread making recipe.  Hip hip hooray!  It finally was a success and now we have bread!

First step sift to remove the bugs

Final product

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3 Responses to Bread Day

  1. Pop-pop says:

    The bread really does look like the English muffin loaf David used to eat. I’m sure it was great. (without bugs)

  2. barbara r says:

    i feel your pain, Deanna. i never knew how easy i had it with the bread aisle at Walmart!!! the upside is that i’ve learned how to make pita bread, a mean cinnamon swirl bread, tortillas, and even our own crackers!! 😀

  3. Lisa says:

    It really does look delicious. Good job being so tenacious!

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