Block Soap

We were introduced to this soap just a few days after arriving.  It’s a big block of tan colored soap with a light smell.   It’s been used around our house to lather up raclette rags to mop the floor (no, we don’t use traditional mops here, we use a squeegee type thing on a handle with a specific rag), this soap takes stains out of clothes, washes clothes, used with a lather to scrub showers, sinks, walls, to wash dishes, you name it and it can be used to clean it.  I use it most frequently for greasy dishes because it takes the greasiness away and cleans the pot.  Also, for clothes to get stains out.  We were first skeptical about this block of soap and now wonder, why isn’t block soap available everywhere?

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3 Responses to Block Soap

  1. Judith Sawers says:

    We actually take it home with us. I made ‘supporter gifts’ from it one year, the very small bars tied up with a piece of african cloth in a bow. I marketed it as ‘African stain-remover’ and gave it away with one of our prayer cards. The next time, one or two people asked me if I had any more!! It’s amazing (but I do’nt like the smell it leaves…).

  2. Pop-pop says:

    No more Tide?

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