David took the week off and we got away as a family.  This is our first “vacation” in a few years.  It was wonderful to just go somewhere as a family.  We went to Kribi, about four hours from Yaoundé on the Atlantic.  David and I said to one another that we never imagined we would be seeing, much less, wading in the other side of the Atlantic.  We had a nice time and are always amazed at God’s creation of the ocean.

We couldn’t figure out how to catch the crabs that were all over the rocks, they kept crawling away when ever we got close with the bucket.

The fishermen left their carved out log boats right on the beach and fought against the tide to go out in the morning to go fishing.

In true Anderson travel in Cameroon form, we were driving home from Kribi and saw a grass clump in the road (grass clumps are placed in the road to alert other drivers that there is something in the road up ahead), David slowed down and we felt the thump thump of a flat tire.  We had a full size spare, only had a flat (thankfully the tire stayed attached to the car) and we were not harmed – God is always looking out for us.  David changed the flat and we were back on the road in about 30 minutes.

There are no McDonald’s in Cameroon but we do have a different sort of meat being sold by the side of the road with a side of fresh pineapple.

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1 Response to Getaway

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    So glad you could get away. The boys are getting so BIG!

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