Before we lived in Yaoundé, I never thought about running water.  At our first house we had some plumbing issues and the water would be turned off to fix a pipe, but it was only for a couple hours at the most.  Now I understand what water cuts are and electricity cuts too!  We went away for a few days and returned to our home and the water was off.  We live in a compound that has a reserve, so we are blessed to have a trickle of water.  We have house sat for others and know what it is like to use barrels to draw water from to take bucket showers, heat water for doing dishes, etc…  As you know when you are away, you return with laundry.  We returned on Wednesday afternoon and the water came back on Friday and I could do laundry.  I’m so thankful for running water.

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3 Responses to Water

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    I never cease to be amazed at the obstacles you tackle on a daily basis, and with the heart of Jesus. May God continue to touch you as you serve Him.

  2. Dean Chasteen says:

    Oh the day we got the water system put in at Bangasasou was a real blessing. Before that it was 5 gallons at a time on a man’s head. He made 8 trips a day and we founds out that that was a huge job because we trird it a couple of times. Enjoy!

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