Busy House

We have friends who are serving in the Philippines and recently I read one of her blogs about all the visitors who come to her door in a day.  I would like to share how busy our door can be.  Last week, a colleague asked if she could drop one of her daughters off at our house at 7:30am because they needed to take their other daughter to the optometrist.  I said yes. So here is a quick summary of the first 2 hours of the day.

7:20 am – Our colleague’s daughter arrives

7:30 – Another colleague comes and asks if I can watch her three until their househelp arrives

7:40 – A woman who worked for another colleague as a househelp arrived to ask if I recognized a person’s name (she’s been coming at least once a week asking for work and money to get her by until she finds work)

7:45 – A neighbor stops by to ask if she can have my box of oats because she’s getting ready to leave and can replace the oats next week

7:50 – Our househelp arrives

7:55 – The househelp of our colleague with the three children arrive to pick-up the children.  She asked me for the key to their house and I said I didn’t have it, so off she went to search for the key.

8:00 – A woman who is going to clean an apartment for a new arrival on Sunday comes and asks if I can open a locked key box to get the key for the apartment she needs to clean.

*Jonah followed me to the key box area and his little foot slipped between the grate covers on the gutters and was hurt.

8:05 – Another colleague comes to ask about the status of the water (yesterday the water was off) and the status of the washing machines (because one machine is completely broken and another one takes about 2 hours to finish all the cycles)

8:10 – The househelp found the keys and is back to get the three children and take them to their house

8:15 – The other daughter who was going for an eye exam comes and tells me the optometrist is on vacation

8:20 – I sat down to write this before I start the work I need to complete today

8:40 – Another colleague arrived asking for a key to another apartment because their house’s hot water heater isn’t working and they would like to shower in an apartment with hot water.

I guess it’s good that I went to bed last night at 9pm and woke up at 5:15 am this morning, the last visitor finally left around 8:30pm.

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3 Responses to Busy House

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Sounds like a very busy day. Thankfully, you have the gift of hospitality – because you certainly need it. Of coruse, God always knows just what we need. Hope Jonah is OK.

  2. RUTHANN says:

    The hostess with the most-ess…as always! What a great friend!

  3. Linda Graham says:

    WOW. I’m tired from just reading about the beginning of your day. God is so good and the provider of energy just when you need it. Linda Graham

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