School was officially over June 3rd and I started homeschooling with the boys on June 6th.  I wanted to focus on things they wouldn’t learn here, for example: Pledge of Allegiance, Symbols of the USA, etc…  After homeschooling time the boys go out and play.  The month of July will be incredibly busy for me as the Orientation Coordinator because many people arrive the month of July and the first week of August.  August 15th school starts again and I will be the Librarian.

I purchased a Locking Hook project set from a missionary who left and decided to do something I just wanted to do for fun.  I used fabric scraps of African prints, rug canvas and a locking hook to make this rug.  I’m happy with the results and hope it holds up for a while.

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1 Response to Rug

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    It is pretty. You are so creative. This will give Fluffy something to lay on.

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