Self check-out en français

I have a history with self check-out machines starting in the USA.  Well today I went to Cora (this is like a big Wal-Mart that I try to avoid at all costs) with the boys in tow.  The boys had drained some of my energy during our shopping experience and I didn’t want to wait 30 minutes to check out so I decided to use the self check-out machine.

After tripping the machine up at least 5 times with Jonah sitting on the scale side to Joshua placing un-scanned items on the scale to Jonah leaning on it.  I caught the attention of security and was being watched closely.  After paying I started to pack my items into my trolley (our cart for shopping).  The security officer came over and removed a greeting card & envelope that I bought.  I pointed out on my receipt that I purchased the card to the self check-out attendant.  She asked if I speak French and I said, “Oui, un peu.” So now here I am trying to formulate a polite sentence in my head.  I had the direct sentence ready to go, but I wanted to be as polite as possible, so I paused to formulate.

The security officer asked in English if I spoke English and I said, “Yes.”  He informed me that when you buy greeting cards you have to pay separately for the envelope.  Now that was a new one for me.  He wanted me to walk with him to customer service, during our walk he decided to interrogate me a little and asked where I was from.  “The United States,” I said.  He asked, “Where in the United States?”  “Missouri, in the middle,” I said.  He said, “My sister lives in Detroit and she makes good money.  The United States pays good salaries, why are you here?”  “To learn French before moving to Cameroon,” I said.  He asked, “Why are you living in Massy?”  “Because the school I attend is located here,” I said.  I turned the tables and started asking him questions, so he decided he didn’t want to continue the interrogation.  So I paid 80 centimes for the envelope and was free to go.


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  1. Pop-pop says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t have to find out what the inside of Massey’s jail looked like. All is well that ends well. I think the apostle Paul once turned the table on his interogators, and the end result was everyone in the prison found Christ.

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