Fun with boats

There are very few inexpensive children’s activities in Paris and we visited one that is well worth the 2 euro fee. At Jardin du Luxembourg they have a large fountain where you can rent a model sail boat and use a long bamboo stick to push it around the fountain. It was fun to watch the boys run around the fountain to push it to the other side; they also learned that when the wind stop blowing your boat stops also. Jonah’s boat only had one collision with another boat and Joshua’s boat took an extended stop at the duck house in the middle.

The next day we checked out the local Massy Model Sailboat race (with remote controls), the boys couldn’t understand why they couldn’t help them push their boats around the lake with a stick. We just watched the race and then enjoyed the wonderful spring weather.

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3 Responses to Fun with boats

  1. john says:

    That is so sweet! I wish I had known about the model sailboat race. I totally would have gone. I always wanted to make a model sailboat.

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    Sailboat racing -I’m sure the boys loved it. We can’t wait to see you. We pray for you every day.

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