Story telling

Today in class our instructor told us a story and asked us to repeat the story to him. It was an exercise to see if we understood what he said and if we were able to use the correct verb tenses in retelling the story.

I’ll tell the story in English:

There was a sugar cube who loved the tea spoon very much.

But the tea spoon didn’t care for the sugar cube.

The sugar cube asked the tea spoon if he could meet with him to explain his love.

The tea spoon said yes but only in the café.

When I retold the story I said it didn’t make any sense. If the sugar was going to discuss his love with the tea spoon and the tea spoon would only meet with him in the café (aka COFFEE) he would not be around long to discuss his love since he would be dissolving, forget the fact that I was arguing that a sugar cube could talk in the first place. Then he reminded me that in French café can mean coffee or a place where you drink coffee.

The moral of the story is, drink your café without the sugar. Or maybe it was a joke and I was really slow at getting it.

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4 Responses to Story telling

  1. Jim Koltveit says:

    If the sugar cube met the teaspoon in the coffee, it would mean that he cared enough to give his all.

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    The real moral of the story – the only way to drink coffee is black.

  3. John says:

    What a heartless teaspoon!

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