Making Friends

Jonah has been the only one in the family who is forced to speak in French the entire day, which is evident when he starts speaking and doesn’t have the pronunciation problems the rest of us have. DeAnna and I can always speak in English at break (though not allowed within earshot of our instructors) and Joshua has some other English speaking children in his classroom so at recess they normally stick together.

As the weather is warming up we are able to stop and play at the park after school. Today Jonah and Joshua were playing when some of their English speaking friends came.  Jonah continued playing with his French friends and even followed them to a different play area where there were only French speaking kids.  DeAnna overheard the little girls asking Jonah where his goûter (snack) was.   (It is a big deal here for children to be greeted at school pick-up with a snack, however, we normally don’t have a snack for the boys at pick-up).  Jonah explained in French that his Mom forgot his snack.  The girls, who were eating their snack, expressed their condolences to Jonah and both of them shared their snack cakes with Jonah.

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  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Isn’t that just like Jonah – to make friends with the girls and then they share their snacks. We are so proud of the way the boys are developing. Making friends in a new language must be such a challenge. We continue to pray for you daily.

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